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Inside WISDOM Coaching – Case Story

Fourteen-year-old Grace* was crumbling under the pressure to perform at school and keep her scholarship. She knew her parents were financially stretched; therefore, getting good grades was constantly on her mind – she worried a lot and felt anxious.

Grace was also very shy and had a habit of comparing herself to others. This caused her to feel self-conscious in social situations and was eroding her confidence and her self-esteem.When Grace’s mom brought her to see WISDOM CoachTM Louise Chiat, things had gotten so bad that Grace could not say anything good about herself when asked.

From “anxious and unsure” to feeling confident and heard
Coach Louise used a combination of strategies to support Grace in managing her stress and in rebuilding her confidence.
Together, they discussed coaching stories from the “MePower” segment of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum. Through the stories, Grace learned powerful mindset skills for identifying when she was feeling stressed. She also learned how to calm her emotions by shifting her thoughts.
“Grace loved the stories and she told me that she appreciated having someone listen to her,” shared WISDOM Coach Louise. “Once the shyness reduced, she opened up and talked non-stop.”
During one of the sessions, Grace expressed nervousness about a swimming gala she was scheduled to attend. Together they worked on positive self-talk and developed a mantra to support Grace in calming her nerves prior to and during the event. They also used an “anti-stress” coloring journal designed for adults to give Grace an outlet for her anxiety.
After a few sessions, Louise saw some significant changes in Grace. Grace was able to look in the mirror and say positive things about herself, something she couldn’t do when they first started working together. She also expressed feeling calmer and in more control over her emotions. That helped her to feel more confident about school and in social situations
And most important, Grace expressed that she finally felt heard!
When asked about her journey with Grace, Coach Louise shared, “I felt so privileged and proud to be a part of Grace’s journey. The Adventure in Wisdom program provided us with the tools to help Grace overcome her fear of losing her scholarship. Coaching also assisted her in reaching her goal of finding a way to successfully cope with her fear and reach her sporting goals.”
Note from Adventures in Wisdom
Often children don’t share their deepest concerns with their parents.  Grace’s parents didn’t realize that Grace was feeling so much pressure to keep her scholarship or that she was struggling with anxiety.  WISDOM Coaches give children a safe place to discuss concerns that they don’t necessarily want to discuss with their parents.   From this place of trust, our coaches then help children develop specific skills for solving problems and owning their magnificence!
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*Name has been changed in the story for anonymity.
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