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baking can help kids develop self-confidence


Do you ever find yourself focusing on what’s gone wrong instead of what’s going right? If you’re human, then you probably have.

And guess what…our kids do this too!

But it can be life changing when you change your perspective – to focusing on what’s right!

It’s all about brain science and there’s a fun way to make it work for you and the kids in your life – the Success Jar!

Keep reading to learn the why a Success Jar helps create happiness and build strong self-esteem.

Why Should we Focus on What’s Right?

It’s simple. When we focus on what’s right – and celebrate our wins – we build our self-esteem, self-confidence, and feel happier!

This applies to us grown-ups and it applies to the kids in our life too.

When we focus on what’s right in our own lives – and what’s right in others’ as well –  we change the way we feel about ourselves, how we feel about others, and how others feel about us.

One of my favorite sayings about parenting is, “Instead of looking for what kids are doing wrong, catch your kids doing something right – and point it out to them.”

You can take this one step further by teaching kids to catch THEMSELVES doing something right, and acknowledging it!

The Success Jar Craft for Kids – and for You

A simple and fun way to make a life-long shift in perspective (to looking for what’s right) is to create a Success Jar.

A Success Jar is simply a jar or box that holds your successes and wins.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a Success Jar:

  • A jar or box that can be decorated in a way that will inspire you
  • Items to decorate the jar or box – paint pens, stickers and dare we say it… glitter and glue!
  • Beautiful paper, cut into strips, to write messages on
  • A pen, marker or crayon to write the success message

Here’s What You Do with Your Success Jar:

  • Decorate the jar
  • Choose a special place for your Success Jar, slips of paper, and a pen to live (it’s great to put it somewhere you’ll see it)
  • Whenever you spot a success, write about the success on the paper (you can even write how you feel), and place it in the jar
  • Once a day, or whenever you’re feeling down, reach into your Success Jar and randomly choose a paper to read, so you can get back into that wonderful energy!

Tip 1: If you’re in a family or household, you can write a message about another’s success and put it their jar, if everyone agrees to this approach. You can either tell the other person about the success you spotted or keep it a surprise. Be sure to sign your name!

Tip 2: Success Jars make great gifts too.  When giving as a gift, have a child write a special message about how much that person means to them and place it in the jar (their first success). Also write a note that shares how to use the jar.

Your RAS – The Brain Science Behind Why a Success Jar Works

Our RAS, or Reticular Activating System, is the unique part of our brain that enables us to screen out “background noise” so that our brain only pays attention to things that are relevant to us. Our RAS is critical for helping us achieve our goals.

When we tell ourselves what we want through affirmations and goal setting, our RAS puts our goals on our radar screen and looks for things that will help us get what we want.

The same is true for focusing on what’s right!

When we have a Success Jar, our RAS will be on the lookout for things we can put in our jar!

The Success Jar is a fun way to use brain science to help kids feel good about themselves.

At Adventures in Wisdom, we teach kids about this concept using a coaching story called “RAS – Your RADAR for Success”.  Kids absolutely love learning about their own internal RADAR system and how to use it.

How Kids Can Learn Mindset Skills – and Three Ways You Can Help Them

Self-esteem, self-confidence, good decision making, resilience, and goal setting are all mindset skills that kids can learn for life.

Adventures in Wisdom is leading a worldwide movement to bring mindset skills, personal development and life coaching to kids.  Since 2013, we’ve certified hundreds of coaches in over 30 countries.

Kids learn about their RAS – and 26 other mindset skills – by either working with a certified child life coach (WISDOM Coach) or working with their parent in a home study course.

Learn everything you need to know about Life Coaching for Kids here.

1. Want to be a Life Coach for Kids?

You can create impact and income – working part time or full time – as a certified WISDOM Coach®.

You can get certified to use the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum, where you’ll use fun coaching stories, activities and a proven STORY Coaching process to teach mindset skills and life coach kids.

WISDOM Coaches use coaching stories and activities to help children develop mindset skills for confidence, resilience, self-esteem, self-leadership, and achievement so that they can be confident and prepared to handle the ups and downs of growing up, reach their fullest potential, and thrive.

To see what it’s all about and learn how you can create a business you love as a life coach for kids, simply click below. You’ll find everything you need to know, including how to apply and save.


2. Want to Find a WISDOM Coach for Your Child?

Simple click below to: 

  • Use the “Connect with a Coach” form or
  • Search the WISDOM Coach® Directory

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