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baking can help kids develop self-confidence
? Background
Maddie’s mother was looking for a way to help Maddie feel better about herself and accept herself for who she was. Maddie also had trouble expressing her emotions and would keep a lot of her feelings inside.
As Maddie was soon going to become a teenager, her mom was getting worried that it would be even more difficult to get Maddie to open up about her feelings and struggles.  She reached out to WISDOM Coach Delia for help.
? Maddie’s Challenges
? Not feeling good enough
? Comparing herself to other girls
? Feeling bad that she wasn’t popular
? Stuck in negative thinking
? Social anxiety
? Lack of self-esteem
? Skills for Maddie to Build
✔️ Grow her self-esteem
✔️ Develop self-acceptance
✔️ Honor her uniqueness
✔️ Make REAL friends
✔️ Build positive self-talk
✔️ Reframe negative thinking
Best Coaching Program for Maddie:  6 WEEKS TO HIGH SELF-ESTEEM
? Maddie’s Mom’s Observations ?
“Delia must have a magic touch. Even though I told my daughter repeatedly that she was wonderful and special just the way she was, she failed to ‘see’ it. For example, Maddie always loved sports and she has been great at sports.
Before working with Delia, she would get upset because she was trying to be like the other girls who weren’t interested in sports.
A couple sessions into the coaching program, I could see that her approach and perception about herself has changed, she was truly accepting and admiring herself for her own qualities and talents.”
? What Maddie said after Completing the Program
“I learned that if I want to be happy, it’s up to me! Nobody else can make me happy if I don’t take care of it. If I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel happy, I know how to put my Power Goggles on and to keep them on the entire day. They are not real glasses, but they sure are magic!”
[Maddie’s story shared with her mom’s consent. Not her real name or photo.]
? How Delia Became a Life Coach for Kids
Delia discovered life coaching for kids when she was looking for ways to empower her own tween/early teen daughters as they approached middle school and high school.
Once she shared these skills with her daughters, she felt a calling to help other kids as well and is now one of Adventures in Wisdom’s Senior WISDOM Coaches. She coaches kids and teens around the world and she supports other WISDOM Coaches on their coaching journey as well.
Watch Delia share how she discovered WISDOM Coaching here:

? The Coaching and Business Resources that Help Delia Succeed

Watch Delia share about how the curriculum, STORY Coaching process, and business help has helped her succeed as a life coach for kids:

How Kids Can Learn Mindset Skills – and Three Ways You Can Help Them

Self-esteem, self-confidence, good decision making, resilience, and goal setting are all mindset skills that kids can learn for life.

Adventures in Wisdom is leading a worldwide movement to bring mindset skills, personal development and life coaching to kids.  Since 2013, we’ve certified hundreds of coaches in over 30 countries.

Kids learn 27 mindset skills – by either working with a certified child life coach (WISDOM Coach) or working with their parent in a home study course.

Learn everything you need to know about Life Coaching for Kids here.

1. Want to be a Life Coach for Kids?

You can create impact and income – working part time or full time – as a certified WISDOM Coach®.

You can get certified to use the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum, where you’ll use fun coaching stories, activities and a proven STORY Coaching process to teach mindset skills and life coach kids.

WISDOM Coaches use coaching stories and activities to help children develop mindset skills for confidence, resilience, self-esteem, self-leadership, and achievement so that they can be confident and prepared to handle the ups and downs of growing up, reach their fullest potential, and thrive.

To see what it’s all about and learn how you can create a business you love as a life coach for kids, simply click below. You’ll find everything you need to know, including how to apply and save.


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