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The “Ripple Effect” of Thoughts and Their Impact On You

If you’ve ever thrown a pebble into a smooth pond you will notice that the ripple effect will stretch in all directions. We create the same ripple effect in our lives every day.


Through our thoughts.Pebble in a pond

In this article we are going to focus on the impact that the “ripple effect of thought” has on you and look at how you can intentionally create ripples to create peace and happiness in your life.



When you have positive thoughts, those thoughts create a ripple effect of positive energy that impacts how you see your world. When you have negative thoughts, those thoughts create a ripple effect of negative energy that also impacts how you see your world. 


Here’s what’s going on behind the scenes….

Your mind loves to be right! If you have a negative thought such as, “it’s going to be a lousy day”, you’re dropping a negative pebble into your pond – you’re dropping a negative thought into your mind. Because your mind likes to be right, it will start looking for proof that today is a lousy day. It may even help you create circumstances that turn the day into a lousy day. The scary part is, most of the time you won’t even be aware of it because it happens at a subconscious level. So, if you’re not aware of it, how can you tell when you’re dropping negative pebbles into your pond?


The key is to pay attention to your feelings.


Your feelings are created by your thoughts and they can help you notice when you are choosing thoughts that are creating negative ripples.


If you experience “the grungies” – feelings of sadness, anxiety, nervousness, anger, victimized, etc., then there is a core negative thought, a pebble that has been dropped, that is causing those grungy feelings. That core thought, in turn, creates a ripple effect by producing additional negative thoughts. This only perpetuates the grungies.


The good news is, once you notice the grungies you can choose a new thought – you can choose to intentionally drop positive pebbles in your pond or positive thoughts into your mind.


At Adventures in Wisdom we call this skill “power shifting” because you are intentionally shifting, or changing, how you think about a situation so that you can stand in your power. Power shifting is one of the most powerful mindset skills you can develop to feel more empowered in your life because instead of feeling victimized by a situation, you can choose to think about the situation in a way that supports you. You can choose to drop positive thoughts in your mind which helps you create greater peace and happiness.


Shifting your thoughts is a very powerful skill to teach your kids and is at the foundation of what we teach through the Adventures In Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Home Study Course. How your kids think about their lives will shape how they experience their lives and will influence what they create in their lives. You can start teaching your kids today by sharing the concept of the pebble in the pond and showing them how negative thoughts create a ripple effect throughout their day.


If you’d like your kids to learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to handle the ups and downs of growing up; to think for themselves and make good decisions; to create happiness and success regardless or their circumstances; and to go for their dreams and make them happen; check out the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™. It’s a fun, story-based program that helps kids develop powerful mindset skills for happiness, confidence, and success in life.


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