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Tips for Slowing Down Time

“They grow up so fast!” We hear parents say this all of the time. And it’s true! My kiddos turned 10 this year and it’s amazing how fast the time has gone by.

My friends and I were discussing this the other day and decided we wanted to find ways to slow down time. Here’s what we came up with. I’d love to hear what you have to add!

First, be present! Take time to really be with your kids and appreciate the moments you have together. For most Moms, the “to do” list likes to creep into our heads. But if you can write them down and keep them at bay for a while, it can really help you enjoy the time you have with your kids.

Second, take pictures and capture the memories. I love having an iPhone – I capture so many fun moments that I wouldn’t have captured in the past because I rarely carried a camera with me (P.S. It’s great for sending photos to grandparents via email or text as well!). One of my friends loves to scrap book so she’s put her photos and notes in a scrap book for each year. I like this idea!

Third, look for opportunities to create memories. This is something I tell myself often. Work will always be there. Housework will always be there. But opportunities to create fabulous memories won’t. Take a few hours off and go play putt putt!

Fourth, cherish each age. Each age brings gifts and adventures. Don’t be in a hurry for them to grow up…AND…let them grow up. After all, that’s the cycle of life.

I hope some of these tips help you slow down time a bit. I’d love to hear what you have to add. Please share your ideas below!

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Please share your comments below!

Adventure well my friend!

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