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In the article “How Your Mind Shapes Your World” you learned that both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind impact what you create in your life. Your conscious mind works based on your thoughts and your subconscious mind works based on the programs, or belief systems, that it has stored.

You learned that it is critical that you understand the belief systems that are running at the subconscious level because if your conscious thoughts are telling you to fly and your subconscious beliefs are telling you to crash – then you’re in trouble…because you subconscious mind is stronger than your conscious mind!

So what exactly are belief systems?

Belief systems are a set of beliefs about yourself, the world, and how everything works – it’s what you think is right/wrong/true/false about life.

Beliefs are the filters you use to assign meaning…

to everything that happens in your life.

 Everyone has belief systems.  They impact their thoughts about ….

love, relationships, money, work, friends,

family, education, parenting, children, health

religion, weight, gender, race…and more!

Your beliefs directly impact how you feel about yourself (your self-esteem) and what you can accomplish in your life (your self-confidence).

Two types of beliefs

There are two types of beliefs that run in your mind – supportive beliefs and limiting beliefs.

Supportive beliefs are positive beliefs – they support you in achieving what you want. They make you feel good about yourself and help you achieve your goals. Examples of supportive beliefs include:

• “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

• “I am smart.”

• “I am talented.”

• “I meet people easily.”

• “I make a difference.”

• “I am fun.”

• “Fear won’t stop me.”

• “Anything is possible for me.”

Limiting beliefs are just the opposite. They can hold you back, make you feel bad about yourself, and keep you from achieving what you want. Examples of limiting beliefs include:

• “I don’t have a college degree so I can’t get a good job.”

• “My grades aren’t very good so I won’t be able to go to college.”

• “I’m too old to…

get married, start a business, have the job I want, go back to school…”

• “I’m too young to…

get married, start a business, have the job I want, get a graduate degree”…

• “I need to lose weight before I…

audition for that part, go out dancing, try out for the team, buy new clothes…”

• “I’m a ‘starving artist’”

But how do you tell who is running the show – supportive beliefs or limiting beliefs? Look for these three things:

1. First, listen to your language. When you pay attention to how you talk about yourself and your life, you gain valuable insight into your beliefs.

2. Second, look for the grungies. The grungies are negative feelings such as anxiety, fear, frustration, and sadness. If you say you want something but then feel grungy – chances are there is a limiting belief at your subconscious level that doesn’t agree with your statement.

3. Third, look at your results. If you are not feeling the way you want to feel, being the person you want to be, or creating the results you want to create, then there are limiting beliefs holding you back.

 We’ll go into a lot more detail in future articles.

The good news is that we can proactively program positive beliefs and reprogram negative beliefs.

 In the next article you’ll learn about where beliefs come from. You may be surprised!

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Enjoy your journey!


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