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“Helping a boy manage anxiety and fear around what’s happening in the world”



In this episode, WISDOM Coach®, Inna Neals shares that she’s been observing that the pandemic seems to have intensified emotions that were already there for kids – like anxiety.

One of the stories she shares is how she helped one boy realize that his brain seeks evidence for what he focuses on, and that he can change the stories he tells his brain.

“So what we tell our minds is what we’re going to receive and we’re going to look for in our lives.
So his realization that he’d been telling himself stories, that ‘I’m not safe’, that ‘I’m worried about fear’, that ‘I’m worried about COVID’, that ‘I’m worried about what’s going on, the future and the unknown.’
He started to realize that, ‘Oh, these are my stories. And what do I want to tell my brain to change that?’

Inna Neal, WISDOM Coach®

The mindset skills Inna discusses in this video:

WISDOM Coaches use stories, discussion and activities to help kids learn, understand and practice essential mindset skills kids will use throughout their school years and for life.

  • Understanding your reticular activating system (RAS)  – is taught with the story, “RAS – Your Radar for Success”. The RAS is a part of our brain that subconsciously finds evidence for whatever we believe. So if we are afraid, the brain seeks reasons to confirm it’s right to be afraid.

  • Inna discusses an activity she used to teach kids about their reticular activating system, or RAS, where she sent her online group of kids on a scavenger hunt in their own homes, to find items that are in plain sight, that they didn’t even notice before.

“…so valuable because kids aren’t learning this [mindset skills] in school!”

“I don’t say this very often, but I highly recommend what you’re doing. It is so valuable, and it’s so complete. That’s what I love about it and, obviously, really effective.”

Jack Canfield

New York Times best selling author, Expert from "The Secret," America's #1 Success Coach

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