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Checklist for Parents
“When to Add a Life Coach for Kids to Your Parenting Team”


Checklist for Parents - When to add a life coach for kids to your parenting team

Success Stories

How Child Life Coaching
Supports Children’s Mental Health

Real-life stories of how WISDOM Coaches Supported Children in their mental health journey

When Johnny Starts Using His InnerPower, His Mom Gets a Surprising Call from His Teacher (story and video)

Johnny is highly energetic which could be problematic at school. His mom, who is a certified WISDOM Coach, did the InnerPower program with him to teach him about self-leadership, respect and self-respect. When the teacher called, Limor thought, “Not again!”. But watch what actually happened….


How a 9-year-old girl brought “life coaching” skills to her whole family!

Julie’s Mom was concerned. Her nine-year-old daughter was struggling in her relationships with friends and family, and she was also getting down on herself and using negative self-talk. This behavior was having a detrimental impact on Julie’s self-esteem and self-confidence, but her Mom didn’t know what to do about it. After doing some research, she learned about a life coaching for kids program and turned to certified WISDOM Coach™ Lisa…


Tyler Steps Out of His Comfort Zone and Into Confidence

“…I appreciate the respect, compassion, and understanding you have shown….You have had an extremely positive impact on my son’s life; after your help he is much more confident and sure of himself. This means so much to both him and me. I highly recommend your program to all boys and girls whether they have confidence issues or not, because of the positive approach which will help them tremendously in their lives.” – Tyler’s Mom

See how 7-year-old “G” learned to use the power of her thoughts to overcome anxiety [Story & Video]

When a child struggles with anxiety, it affects the whole family. G wouldn’t go to the grocery store or out to dinner and going to school was an everyday struggle. G was struggling and her Mom was exhausted. When her mother reached out to WISDOM Coach® Sharon, her daughter had already worked with a few specialists. See how WISDOM Coach® Sharon shares how she helped G rebuild her confidence! Read story here. 

10-Year-Old Heather Learns to Worry Less and Build Confidence

Heather knew she wanted to change but wasn’t sure what to do. She constantly felt worried and felt nervous about trying new things. She also had frequent tantrums that she struggled to calm down from. Another problem she dealt with was frequent bed-wetting, which left her feeling embarrassed.

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Mindset Skills for Kids 6 -12
Mindset Skills for Kids 6 -12
Mindset Skills for Kids 6 -12