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Mindset skills like positive self-talk can improve student results – here’s how.

Positive self-talk is fundamental to children’s self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, happiness and so much more. 

Educator, reading tutor, and online tutoring expert, Joanne Kaminski, had a passionate discussion with Renaye Thornborrow, an expert on teaching mindset skills to kids.  Renaye is the founder of Adventures in Wisdom, Inc., a company that has certified hundreds of life coaches for kids on using a proven curriculum to teach mindset skills to children using stories and activities

This article shares:

  • A 2-minute video of that discussion on positive self-talk (see above).
  • How to teach the fundamental mindset skill of positive self-talk to students NOW! For free!
  • How educators, teachers and tutors can add life coaching for kids and mindset skills to their services, resulting in better results for kids and additional income for them.
  • Links to other articles from this interview, including articles about respect, self-esteem and teasing, and goal setting for kids. 

How to teach students about positive self-talk NOW – FREE!

Now there’s an easy way to teach this skill to students – for free! 

When kids are struggling, they often say negative things about themselves, to themselves, and most kids have NO IDEA THEY ARE DOING IT!

As Joanne says, “We often say things to ourselves that we would never say to someone else.”

This comment led to a discussion about the fundamental mindset skill of positive self-talk. Renaye and Joanne discussed how to help kids identify negative self-talk and shift it to positive self-talk.

Renaye reveals that positive self-talk is a skill that WISDOM coaches use in just about every program they do with kids. This is because self-talk impacts everything – self-esteem, confidence, resilience, achievement, and so much more!

The fun, easy way to help kids understand what self-talk is – a coaching story

Coaches teach the positive self-talk mindset skill through a unique coaching story called “Choosing Your BFF (Best Friend Forever)”. The story follows Trudy the Tortoise as she spends time with two friends – Negative Nicki and Positive Pam. As their names would suggest, Negative Nicki isn’t so nice, but Positive Pam is.  It doesn’t take children long to realize which friend they want to be around!

But it’s an “aha” moment when children realize that Negative Nicki and Positive Pam live in their own minds. And that they can choose to listen to Positive Pam and be their own BFF

The step-by-step guide for teaching kids the mindset skill of positive self-talk

Renaye explains that the way the Adventures in Wisdom coaching curriculum works is that each mindset skill (there are 27 skills in total) is taught through a “skill book”. The skill book guides the coach step-by-step and has a coaching story (like “Choosing Your BFF”) at the center.  

Each skill book includes a Mentor’s Guide that has the background information and coaching tips. And a Children’s Guide that includes the coaching story, discussion questions and activities that deliver a multi-sensory experience.

The self-talk skill book teaches kids:

  • What self-talk is
  • How to identify negative self-talk and shift it to positive self-talk
  • How to proactively create positive-self talk as a habit, or new comfort zone, so that positive self-talk is automatic

Self-talk Coaching Story to teach kids about positive self-talk

Because positive self-talk is so important to all children (and grown-ups too), Adventures in Wisdom gives the “Self-talk” coaching story and skill book away for free.

You can request that coaching story and self-talk skill book here, and be teaching students about the fundamental skill of positive self-talk in less than an hour.  


Watch Educator, Tara, share why she became a life coach for kids 




Helping kids achieve better results and generate extra income for you – as a life coach for kids 

If you want to develop the “whole child” and help kids develop the growth mindset and social emotional wellbeing needed for success in school and success in life, we invite you to learn more about becoming a certified life coach for kids (a WISDOM Coach®).

Many WISDOM Coaches are educators who use their mindset development and coaching skills on the job and as a supplemental business outside of school hours.

Certification can be done in your own home, on your own time, at your own pace.

How to get started…   

  1. Experience the curriculum by requesting the free Self-talk story, “Choosing Your BFF (Best Friend Forever)” and skill book using the button below.
  2. Watch the Overview about becoming a life coach for kids (you will get the video when you request the free Self-talk story).
  3. Apply!



Other videos from the Joanne and Renaye interview:

About Renaye Thornborrow

Renaye is leading a worldwide movement to empower children through life coaching and mindset skills training. Renaye is the author of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum™ and the founder of Adventures in Wisdom.  Since 2013, her company has certified WISDOM Coaches in over 30 countries, helping these coaches transform the lives of children and families while supporting them to create a business they love as a life coach for kids. Renaye is a personal development expert, a member of the International Coaching Federation and former three-year board member of the Association of Coach Training Organizations. Learn more here.

About Joanne Kaminski

Joanne spent three years as a classroom teacher and was quickly promoted to the Reading Curriculum Coordinator. As the Coordinator, she was in charge of all the reading interventions in the school and coached the teachers in reading strategies that would help bring their students to the next level. She went back to school to achieve a Masters as a Reading Specialist and started an online reading tutoring business where she worked with students from around the world. Joanne now teaches others how to start a successful, independent online tutoring business. Learn more here.

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