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“As tutors, we’ve seen our kids really struggle to build self-esteem” because kids who struggle with reading, often have other kids teasing them, teachers making them read out loud in class, or perhaps parents comparing them to their siblings who read better. 

Educator, reading specialist, and online tutoring expert, Joanne Kaminski explored the topics of building self-esteem and teasing during a recent interview with life coaching for kids expert, Renaye Thornborrow.

Renaye is an expert on teaching mindset skills to kids and is the founder of Adventures in Wisdom Inc., a company that has certified hundreds of life coaches for kids on using a proven curriculum to teach mindset skills to children using stories and activities

An excerpt of this part of the conversation is in the short video above (3:42).

So, how can life coaching help kids build self-esteem and deal with teasing?

Renaye explains that first, “There’s nothing we can do to control other people’s behavior. However, we can help children build self-esteem and understand that mean comments are not who they are.”

She shares two concepts that support children in building self-esteem:

  1. Avoiding Comparison – Comparing yourself to others is a self-esteem crusher.  “If you judge a fish on its ability to fly, it’s going to spend its entire life feeling like a failure.”
  2. Honoring uniqueness – There are different types of intelligence and each of us are unique.  It is important to understand and honor your own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others.

Renaye adds that although children must develop competency in reading and math to be “successful” in school, it doesn’t have to be their only measure of success.  Some children are naturally gifted in music, athletics, art, and other areas.

Life coaches help children understand their strengths, honor those strengths, and build self-esteem from those strengths. 

WISDOM Coaches teach children that their gifts matter! 

The fun way to teach kids to honor their uniqueness – “The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain” story.

The coaching story that teaches children to honor their uniqueness is called “The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain”.

The story teaches children how important it is for there to be people with “differences” in the world. How could our world work if everyone was The Sun? Or if everyone was The Wind? Or if everyone was The Rain? Not only is being unique important, it is essential for the world to work in the beautiful way that it does. 

This coaching story is a favorite among most WISDOM Coaches. Watch WISDOM Coach®, Tara, share how the story, “The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain” helped a shy girl believe in herself, find her voice and sing.



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“The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain” is one of 27 coaching stories used to teach mindset skills to kids 6-12. The proven curriculum is being used by hundreds of coaches in over 30 countries around the world. 

You can request a free copy of one of the most popular coaching stories, “Choosing Your BFF ( Best Friend Forever)“, that teaches the mindset skill of self-talk. Self-talk is a foundation skill for self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience and success.

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How you can help kids develop mindset skills and generate extra income for you – as a life coach for kids 

If you want to develop the “whole child” and help kids develop the growth mindset and social emotional wellbeing needed for success in school and success in life, we invite you to learn more about becoming a certified life coach for kids (a WISDOM Coach®).

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What to do next?   

Experience the curriculum by requesting the free Self-talk story, “Choosing Your BFF (Best Friend Forever)” and skill book here.

Teach Kids Self-talk Coaching Story



Other videos from the Joanne and Renaye interview:

About Renaye Thornborrow

Renaye is leading a worldwide movement to empower children through life coaching and mindset skills training. Renaye is the author of The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids Curriculum™ and the founder of Adventures in Wisdom.  Since 2013, her company has certified WISDOM Coaches in over 30 countries, helping these coaches transform the lives of children and families while supporting them to create a business they love as a life coach for kids. Renaye is a personal development expert, a member of the International Coaching Federation and former three-year board member of the Association of Coach Training Organizations. Learn more here.

About Joanne Kaminski

Joanne spent three years as a classroom teacher and was quickly promoted to the Reading Curriculum Coordinator. As the Coordinator, she was in charge of all the reading interventions in the school and coached the teachers in reading strategies that would help bring their students to the next level. She went back to school to achieve a Masters as a Reading Specialist and started an online reading tutoring business where she worked with students from around the world. Joanne now teaches others how to start a successful,  independent online tutoring business. Learn more here.

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