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7-year-old Mary was getting a new teacher – mid year! 

We all know how important a teacher is to a child in the 2nd grade.

7-year-old Mary was particularly fond of her teacher, so she was distressed when she learned her teacher would be leaving and she would be getting a new teacher that she didn’t know.

Mary’s parents were worried because Mary struggles with anxiety and was already having tears at school drop off.

Mary learns 3 Steps for Managing Change

Mary’s parents asked WISDOM Coach® Karen for help.  Karen had helped Mary overcome other challenges and was confident that Mary would respond to a session that taught the mindset skill of managing change. 

In the session, Karen started by explaining WHY we can often feel anxious or afraid when there’s a change. It’s because we have no neural pathways about the situation, so we don’t know what to expect!

Mary had completed a coaching session on neural pathways a few weeks earlier, so she immediately understood what was happening in her mind to make her feel the way she did.

Karen and Mary then read the coaching story, “Changes in Paradise”. In the story, Olli the Ostrich, Carla the Cat, Griffin the Grizzly Bear, Tanya the Tortoise, and Rob the Rabbit are confronted with a sudden change when the forest they live in closes down and they must move. Each character responds to change is a very different way. Olli is in denial. Carla is scared. Griffin is angry. Tanya is sad. And Rob is excited!  Wyatt the Wise Wizard helps the friends learn how to manage change and move forward in their power.

Mary chose which character she most related to (the cat).

Child learns to manage change with child life coach


We then did an activity to work through the 3 steps for managing change together.

The 3 steps for managing change are:

  1. List and manage your concerns
  2. List benefits and positive impacts of the change
  3. Visualize embracing the change

We started by honoring her original teacher and creating a drawing she could give to her.

We then discussed Mary’s concerns about the change in teacher. Mary came up with some great ideas on her own about her concerns and how she could manage them!

Two of these included:

Concern: She had met the new teacher but didn’t know anything about her.
Mary’s idea: Ask the new teacher to hold a Q&A with the class so that the class could ask her questions and get to know her.

Concern: The class schedule might change. (The previous teacher had a very specific process she helped kids manage the school-day timeline and Mary loved the process).
Mary’s idea: Ask the new teacher if she would be open to continuing the timeline process that the class was used to.

We then brainstormed ways that the change is good and she practiced visualizing the change.

The Result…

Mary embraced her new teacher and had no problems at all adjusting.

Everyone – Mary and her parents – were relieved and thrilled!

And Mary’s anxiety during school drop off improved as well.


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