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Inside WISDOM Coaching – Case Story

Colin* is a thirteen-year-old boy who was isolating himself from the world. His favorite activity was to play video games at home… alone. He also lived in a single-parent household with no siblings and very few friends.

His mother knew that Colin needed support to improve his social confidence, so she reached out to WISDOM Coach™ Amy* for help.

Coach Amy was about to launch her Peer Pressure Group for tweens and teens using The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum, and Colin was invited to participate.

Colin learns how to come out of his shell
During the workshop, Amy shared coaching stories from the “InnerPower” section of the curriculum which focuses on the topics of self-responsibility, decision making, peer pressure and more.  Each story was followed by engaging discussions along with hands-on activities that enabled the teens to integrate the life skills they were learning.
One of the skills they focused on was creating a positive affirmation to help them stay strong and follow their “inner compass” when facing tough social situations.
At first, Colin didn’t participate much in the group session.  He kept his hoodie pulled down over his head and stared at his feet.  But as the session went on, and other participants shared examples of situations they faced, he began to open up.  He became more comfortable engaging in conversation and participating in the group.   He even completed his affirmation activity. 
When Colin’s Mom returned to pick up her son, she watched while Colin interacted with others in the group.  She was in awe that her son was interacting with others and seemed to be having fun!
Coach Amy had this to say about her coaching experience working with Colin, “I was also amazed that in one hour a young person could change so quickly. Just sharing coaching stories and doing fun activities together helped break down the barriers of communication in the group. The members of the group were very supportive of each other and everyone walked away with a new skill to deal with negative peer pressure.”  
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*Names have been changed in the story for anonymity.
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