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Miss M’s Mother was Worried… 

Her daughter was just shy of 6 years old and starting elementary school in just 5 weeks.

But the week before, she had been too anxious to collect her pre-school graduation certificate at the presentation day, so the mother was worried about how Miss M would handle starting a new school.

How Confidence Coaching could Help

WISDOM Coach® Karen knew that she could help by teaching Miss M mindset skills for confidence and resilience.   She offered to take Miss M through the Confident Kids coaching package from the Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching for Kids Curriculum.

The curriculum uses fun coaching stories and activities to help kids learn mindset skills for self-esteem, confidence, resilience, self-leadership, and success.

The Confident Kids coaching program would teach Miss M:

  • How her mind works
  • Why she was afraid when doing something new
  • How to create courage and try new things, and ultimately
  • How to develop an “I can” mindset.

Since 2013, Adventures in Wisdom has certified many hundreds of WISDOM Coaches in over 40 countries, who are transforming the lives of kid and families around the world.

Highlights from the Coaching Sessions

Prior to starting…

Prior to starting, Coach Karen recommended that Miss M get a “Victory Board” (bulletin board) where she could post her current victories (like her pre-school certificate and dance recital medal) and have a place to put the new victories she would be having.

Learning about Self-Confidence 

In her first session, Miss M learned what self-confidence is. She and Coach Karen read the story, “Canville and Cantville – a Tale of Two Towns”, and built Canville and Cantville during the story.


Miss M learned about her comfort zone, and that her dreams and goals would live outside her comfort zone. Learning to stretch outside of her comfort zone is the way to build courage and achieve her goals.

Miss M decided a stretch goal for her would be to swim in the ocean. She was willing to swim in a swimming pool, but would not swim in the ocean.

At the end of the session, Miss M’s mum learned to ask Miss M the question, “What would this look like if you were in Canville?” if Miss M indicated she couldn’t do something.

How Her Mind Shapes Her World (Conscious and Subconscious Mind) 

In her second session, Miss M learned about the conscious and subconscious mind. We read the story, “Who’s Flying Your Plane” and built a paper plane that would fly with supportive beliefs and crash when loaded down with limiting beliefs.  Miss M learned about the “grungies” and how grungy feelings are a sign that a limiting belief or dragon thought was there.

Miss M Refused to Swim… 

At the end of this second session, Miss M’s mum shared that Miss M had attended a new, intensive swimming lesson that morning, where the teacher was new, the kids were new, and there was noise and chaos everywhere.

So despite having a lot of experience with swimming lessons in the past, Miss M got very upset and refused to swim. On the way home, her mum reminded her about Canville, which helped calm Miss M down.

Learning of this incident, WISDOM Coach® Karen gave Miss M a sneak peek at the upcoming lesson in coaching session 3 which would be about neural pathways and why we feel nervous when doing something new.

A Coaching Tip for her next Swimming Lesson.. 

Coach Karen explained that the reason Miss M got upset at the new swimming lesson was because her brain had no neural pathways about what was going to happen, so she got upset. But now, she not only has neural pathways from past swimming lessons, but also, she now has new neural pathways about what this new lesson would look like, sound like, and be like.

Coach Karen gave Miss M a sparkly wand and suggested Miss M touch her mind with her wand, or use her finger as a wand, to remember that she has the pathways now for swimming lessons.

The next day, mum reported that not only did Miss M swim, but she participated in everything with a smile on her face!  (See photo with Miss M holding her wand). This photo went on her Victory Board!


Coaching Results – Miss M’s Victories and First Day of School Success!

The first victory for Miss M was to conquer her fear of her new intensive swimming lessons and participate every day for the rest of the week.

Miss M was so proud of herself and her mum said,

A few days after completing the complete Confident Kids coaching program, Miss M proudly shared that she had swum in the ocean! She had put her whole body in the water and had seen fish. She was so excited!

And on the first day of school, she played happily before school started.

She had a quiet tear when saying goodbye to mum, but she walked into school with her teacher. And she had a happy first day of school!

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