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5 Amazing “Super Powers” Kids Gain Through Life Coaching


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Kids love superheroes! 

From Spider-man’s “Spidey sense” to Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and Superman’s super-human strength and ability to fly, most kids fantasize about having their own super powers to conquer challenges and be a hero!

While kids might not be able to bend steel with their bare hands, they can learn how to “bend” their thoughts and develop belief systems so that they become their own “superhero” in the process.

Whether it’s preparing for a test, performing on stage, making new friends, adjusting to change, or having the courage to go for what they want in life, learning these five amazing mindset skills will give your kids the “super powers” they need to create happiness, confidence, and success in life.
And a life coach for kids can show them how!
Five amazing “super powers” kids can develop by working with a life coach for kids:
1. Resilience. Fear, change, mistakes, and other “curve balls” in life, often knock kids down. A life coach helps kids use proven strategies and techniques to bounce back from disappointment and pick themselves up again when things don’t go their way. With resilience skills, kids face the world with a belief system of, “I am strong and can handle anything that comes my way!”
2. Self-esteem from the “inside out.” Loving and honoring your own worth is one of the most powerful superpowers that any child can develop. Life coaches help kids develop powerful self-esteem from the “inside out” so that their self-esteem is based on who they are, and not based on what they have achieved, who they know, or what they do. With positive self-esteem, kids face the world with a belief system of, “I am worthy!”
3. Unstoppable self-confidence. Believing in yourself is the “super power” that will help children soar in life. When children believe in themselves, they are more willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone, to try new things, and to go for their goals – they’re not stopped by obstacles or fear. With strong self-confidence, kids face the world with a belief system of, “I can do it!”
4. An “inner compass” of steel. When children lose sight of “who they are” and what they want for their lives, it’s very easy for them to get off track. A life coach helps children develop an unbreakable “inner compass” by learning how to choose their values, to think for themselves and make good decisions, and to stand up to peer pressure and say “yes” to themselves and “no” to their peers. With a strong inner compass, kids face the world with a belief system of, “It’s my choice!”.  
5. Laser-focused intention and vision. Your vision is your “North Star” that guides you into your future. It’s a statement of who you are and what you want to create in your life. And you don’t have to have Superman’s x-ray vision to get it!
Life coaches help kids develop a vision for their lives that will guide them throughout their childhood, teenage years, and into adulthood. Through techniques such as creating as goal setting, visualization, and using affirmations, kids learn how to manifest their vision and create a life filled with meaning and purpose. With intention and vision, kids face the world with a belief system of, “I can make my dreams come true!” 
With these five mindset skills, children can truly become their own superheroes, defeat any “villain,” and achieve anything they set their minds to in life.
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