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Maggie Hayes worked as a high school counselor in New York City and Savannah, Georgia before moving to Palm Harbor, Florida with her young family.

WISDOM Coach Maggie Hayes

Maggie Hayes

She chose to leave school counseling to become a certified life coach for kids. She shares why in this interview.

Q: Why did you decide to leave school counseling to get certified as a life coach for kids?

As a former school counselor, transitioning into becoming certified as a life coach for kids feels like a dream opportunity for me.

Sometimes we forget how challenging it can be to be a kid! Kids are learning who they are and where they fit into this world; learning how to navigate friendships, new feelings, and new responsibilities.

We’ve made strides in social-emotional learning in recent years, but often the focus in school is on academic success.

However, there are so many different factors at play which will impact and determine academic success- social relationships, emotional health, individual circumstances- to name a few.

As educators, oftentimes we can’t devote as much time to social emotional learning as we would like, or truthfully, as much is necessary. Not to mention that kids are often taught the value in being successful, without much emphasis on how to be successful!

As school counselors, part of our role is to support a child’s academic success by helping them navigate some of the “hows”, but with caseloads of 300-500 students, it can be challenging to say the least.

I left school counseling in 2021. The biggest driving factor behind my resignation was my own child who had just turned one, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, my husband and I were considering an out-of-state move.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape of education, and we will be learning and seeing the effects of these ramifications for a long time. Our kids need additional support now more than ever. Schools are forced to focus on addressing the academic regressions created by the pandemic. We need to look at the whole child in order to best support their success.

I see becoming a WISDOM coach®, especially at this moment in time, as a unique opportunity to provide students with the tools they need to to reach their full potential.

Q: What made you choose Adventures in Wisdom for your Child Life Coach Certification?

I chose Adventures in Wisdom for a variety of reasons. The first thing that caught my attention was the utilization of mindfulness as a framework and the use of skill books.

Adventures in Wisdom not only teaches kids skills and techniques, but also why these techniques work. When we understand how our brain works, we are in the best position to set ourselves up for success.

The skill books themselves make spot coaching an excellent option to prioritize and address client needs quickly.

And, lastly, I love the use of storytelling. Storytelling makes abstract concepts and ideas relatable for kids. As a coach, it gives an excellent starting point for my work with kids.

Q: What are your goals with WISDOM Coaching?

My goals as a WISDOM coach are very similar to my goals as a school counselor. I want to support my clients’ development into confident, resilient young citizens through a nurturing environment.

I want to support kids by providing them with a framework for success using the skills books & tools taught through the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum.

Q: How do you think school counselors and WISDOM Coaches could work together to support kids?

As a school counselor, one of our most valuable resources for students and families is our community partners.

Our scope of work is limited to the school environment, so many of our students need more support than we are realistically able to provide.

When school counselors and WISDOM coaches take a collaborative approach to working with students, there is increased opportunity to teach and reinforce the mindset skills.

For example, what if a student is working with a WISDOM coach® on building confidence.  Let’s say the student’s “homework” is to introduce themselves to potential new friends at lunch time. This task is likely out of the student’s comfort zone, and having the additional support of a school counselor at the school level could be a the catalyst in pushing them forward to follow through on their goal.

Additionally, the school counselor can relay any pertinent information to other important staff at the school.

When everyone is on the same page and working together toward a common goal, the student is best set up for success.

When I think back on my work as a school counselor, I also see a great opportunity for collaboration in bringing WISDOM coaches into the school for specials or even after school clubs, especially at the elementary level.


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